Choosing Desitrend® granules

When it comes to epilepsy treatment, anti-epileptic drug adherence is often compromised, in fact, non-adherence rates to epilepsy medication in children are alarming.1,2 Further to this, patients with learning disabilities are more likely to have dysphagia than others and may have problems swallowing tablets.3

Choosing a suitable age-appropriate AED formulation may make it easier to administer epilepsy medicine and therefore could help to ensure your patient is able to take their medication as prescribed. This could reduce the risk of seizures and may ease the anxiety associated with epilepsy for everyone.4

Desitrend® is available as an age- and ability-appropriate 2mm diameter granule formulation in sachets and has the potential to bring about lasting improvements in patient adherence and to improve the efficacy of long-term treatment in patients.5

Prescribing Desitrend® granules avoids off-license manipulation of medicines, such as crushing tablets, which could lead to suboptimal effectiveness. Desitrend® is also the only formulation of levetiracetam licensed for administration via a feeding tube.6

Child smiling
  • Desitrend® granules have the potential to bring about lasting improvements in patient adherence, “…and to improve the efficacy of long-term treatment in patients”5
  • Specifically formulated for children and adolescents (≥6 years and ≥25kg)6
  • Desitrend® is the only formulation of levetiracetam licensed for feeding tube administration6
  • Bioequivalent to leading brand7
  • Proven effective and well-tolerated 5
  • Desitrend® is an ability-appropriate granule formulation which can be prescribed to support the needs of LD patients
  • Easy Read Booklets available to support ® prescribing8
  • Formulation suitable for patients on ketogenic diets6
Desitrend® granules
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